If you haven’t already heard about Take-Two Interactive’s decision to send the creator of Open IV a ‘cease and desist’ order to stop distribution of the software modding solution for Grand Theft Auto 5, welcome out of hibernation.

The recent internet storm brewing has been the PR disaster that is Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, sending OpenIV developers a cease and desist letter. Instead of fighting Take-Two in court, the developers decided to stop the distribution of the popular modding tool which enabled thousands of avid fans to modify their games to look and feel the way they always wanted it to.

In a statement, the developers said “We feared that this day would come… and now it’s here. The day, when GTA modding was declared illegal.” they continued by saying that modding “was always a ‘gray zone’ – a battlefield between lawyers and PR…”

“It was a hard decision, but when any modding activity has been declared illegal, we can’t see any possibilities to continue this process unless top management of Take-Two company makes an official statement about modding, which can be used in court.” ~ Open IV Developers

It’s fair to say fans of GTA mods aren’t exactly thrilled with the decision with, at the time of publishing, approximately 38 thousand new negative reviews on Steam in the last 30 days, around a whole third of GTA 5’s all time negative reviews. Mad fans even managed to lower the overall score from ‘mostly positive’ to ‘mixed’.

People are really unimpressed.

Grand Theft Auto mods are extremely popular with one of the most popular being LSPDFR, It’s own community of players being law enforcement, instead of pretty much the opposite in the base game. There are YouTube series’, like those by Jeff Favignano and Bay Area Buggs, dedicated to documenting people’s adventure as law enforcement officers in the San Andreas area and, even in the case of DOJ, whole communities’ adventures.

There are people I know who have bought Grand Theft Auto 5 specifically to use the mods that are on offer, It’s fair to say they are quite annoyed.

This decision has fragmented the fanbase of one of the most popular games of all time and left large communities of passionate gamers ready to start a riot.

It seems that if action doesn’t come soon, their bottom line will be affected with people threatening to boycott the organisation.

Profits may fall for the popular developer

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.

We asked Take-Two for comment about the situation but they failed to respond before publication.

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