iRacing is a beautifully crafted game with stunning vehicles and amazing graphics. Unfortunately, the game is extremely expensive, $140 Australian Dollars annually expensive.

Subscribing month to month, this game costs $156 USD annually, enough for at least 2 triple A titles.

iRacing costs $13 USD a month, $65 USD every 6 months and $109 USD every year. But you’re not done yet.

If you wish to buy additional cars, they cost a one-time fee of $11.95. If you want to buy additional tracks, they cost a one-time fee of either $11.95 or $14.95 depending on the track.

When it comes down to it, iRacing is not worth the absurd cost. For $150 AUD, only $10 more than 1 year of iRacing access, you can get yearly subscriptions to both Playstation Plus (70 AUD) and Xbox Live (80 AUD). PS Plus and Xbox Live give you online to all games on their platform, as well as some freebies and deals, something you don’t get with the racing simulator. You could even buy 56 litres of that new Coca-Cola No Sugar from Woolworths Coles for $140.

iRacing is certainly beautiful and fun, but it’s certainly not worth 140 dollars for just one year.

Source: iRacing, Steam

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