RSS players will be treated to three new operators and a brand-new theme park style map when Operation Blood Orchid goes live sometime in the coming month.

The figureheads of the Blood Orchid DLC are the operators Ying and Lesion who are from the Hong Kong based S.D.U (Special Duties Unit). On top of the main operators, a Polish GROM operator, Ela, will also be released alongside Blood Orchid.

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Ying’s ability is called Candela. Camdela allows her to deploy cluster charges that can be rolled like a grenade or placed on surfaces. These charges produce flashes which blind the opponents.

Ying is equipped with the SIX12 and T-95 LSW as primary weapon choices as well as the Q-929 as the secondary weapon.

Lesion and Ela have not been officially announced by Ubisoft, so this information could just merely be speculation.

Ela and Lesion are both defensive operators with similar abilities. Ela’s ability will allow her to place a ‘Grzmot Mine’. This mine is not lethal but it causes anything in its path to be blasted with a piercing noise and cause dizziness. This mine will be able to adhere to most surfaces.

Lesion also has a mine, although his is of a fatal variety. Lesion’s ability has been given the name ‘Gu’. The ‘Gu’ is a concealed toxic mine which will damage players as well as slowing them down.

The new Theme Park map brings a dark and creepy side to fighting against other CTU’s with minimal light levels being shown in the trailer as well as menacing statues and mummies being present.

Ubisoft says that ‘the daytime ambiance is a hot and humid afternoon in Hong Kong. Expect majestic mountains out in the far horizon wrapped in some low, heavy clouds. At night, the atmosphere is tense and intimate, as you see flickering lights reliant on old deficient generators.’

The map is located along the shores of Hong Kong with an “amazing view of a mountain line that you will be able to see in the distance”.

There has not been an exact date given to the release of this update, although, we should be expecting in the upcoming weeks.

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