About Us

Welcome to the website of The Tech Snack!

We are a small group of friends who want to write content about what we love… Technology and Gaming.

The Tech Snack is a part of TTSMG or The Tech Snack Media Group.

TTSMG strives to bring our viewers the best content imaginable, with stories coming out daily.

The Tech Snack is split into 2 divisions with a total of 4 employees.

Our Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer is Jack. He makes sure the site is running smoothly, makes sure employees are writing good and accurate content, makes sure employees have the right tools to work and he even writes a majority of the posts on The Tech Snack.

Our Chief Operations Officer and Editor is Steve. Steve helps Jack in the operation of the company and also deals with Human Resources.



We haven’t received any profit as of the writing (13/10/2016). However, we have earned an insignificant amount of money from YouTube Ad Revenue. This amount is so minuscule at this stage that we can’t do much useful with it.

The Tech Snack Media Group and its employees do receive free content from various sources from time to time. This is on the grounds that this will not mean we will write a positive review or display positive content, or even write a review for that matter. For more info, check partner.thetechsnack.com.

The Tech Snack is not hiring at this time. However, if someone shows that they have the skills and that they can make a significant contribution to TTSMG, we will consider hiring them.Contact Emails:


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