Telstra sends customers Pixel devices early.

Some very lucky Telstra customers recently received their preordered Pixel devices early. At least one customer received their Pixel phone a whole week before it was scheduled to be available. It is unknown how many people received their device early but we do know that those people are very lucky individuals. There has been footage … Continue reading Telstra sends customers Pixel devices early.

Google Pixel Roundup.

Google held a press conference on the 5th of October to announce their new “#madebygoogle” products. The most notable announcement from this morning was Google’s new smartphone. Pixel and Pixel XL. These new phones are featuring Google’s newest version of Android. Android 7 is Google’s newest iteration of their popular operating system. Google Pixel has the best … Continue reading Google Pixel Roundup.

Live #madebygoogle Coverage

Welcome to The Tech Snack Live #madebygoogle event coverage. The event will start at 3AM AEDT (+11GMT). Post will be updated during the event. Reload page to see latest news straight from the event. Start: 3:03 AM: Sundar gets on stage and begins discussing future of Technology and how they want to have Google Assistant … Continue reading Live #madebygoogle Coverage