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Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter where people play as either attackers or defenders. As an attacker, you have to complete an objective, such as capture an area, diffuse a bomb or extract a hostage. As a defender, you have to protect the objective from being completed by the attackers by setting up defences such as reinforced walls, traps and explosives.

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RSS News

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid

RSS players will be treated to three new operators and a brand-new theme park style map when Operation Blood Orchid goes live sometime in the coming month.

5 Rainbow Six Siege figures announced

Rainbow Six: Siege is a very popular team strategy shooter by Ubisoft. With the success of the game, Ubisoft will be releasing ‘Chibi Figures’ which are now available for pre-order from the Ubisoft Store in Australia, New Zealand and Europe for A$29.99/€19.99/£17.99 each.

RSS Review

Rainbow Six Siege Review

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) in the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Series where you either attack to complete an objective (such as diffuse a bomb or extract a hostage) or defend the objective from the attackers.

RSS Character Overviews

GIGN Operators
GSG9 Operators
SAS Operators
SWAT Operators
Spetsnaz Operators

Year One Operators

(These operators cost more renown (in-game currency) than the base characters)
S.A.T Operators
BOPE Operators
Navy Seal Operators
JTF2 Operators

Year Two Operators

(These operators cost more renown (in-game currency) than the base characters)
GEO Operators
Hong Kong Operators
Polish Operators
South Korean Operators


Two things affect your rank:

  1. The level of skill of the teams/players
  2. Whether your team won or lost

Your score and Kill/Death Ratio do not make any difference towards your rank. Ubisoft states that “the only thing that accurately determines whether you’re a good R6S player is your ability to make your team win games.”

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Roadmap

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